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How to Truly Love Yourself: Enjoying Being Alone, Solo Date Ideas, Knowing Your Worth | Up & About Podcast

how to truly love yourself: enjoying being alone, solo date ideas, knowing your worth

This February, we’re embracing all things self-love, intentional dating, and becoming your best self. I’ll share why solo time can be your superpower for mental health and creativity, and how knowing your worth is key to setting life’s high standards.

Join me as I unveil the joys of solo dates and give you over 10 solo date ideas — from museum visits to spa days, each one is an act of self-love. remember, self-love is more than indulgence—it’s about recognizing your intrinsic value. So, I challenge you to a solo date or a self-appreciation exercise this week. share your journey with us and let’s inspire each other.

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About the Up & About Podcast: Your weekly dose of insight into mindset, wellness, and self-love, crafted especially for you, the driven woman in her 20s. Let’s journey together through the landscapes of personal growth and embrace the vibrant dance of self-discovery, every single week.


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