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How to Make Quality Friend in Your 20s + As an Adult | Up & About Podcast

We’re diving deep into building lasting, supportive, high-value, meaningful friendships during our 20s – a pivotal decade of growth and self-discovery! Reflecting on my journey of nurturing platonic relationships that feel just as fulfilling as romantic ones, I share how embracing self-love, setting clear intentions, and understanding the dynamics of adult friendships can create a strong community. 

We’ll discuss practical steps for connecting with like-minded ladies, from leveraging digital platforms to engaging in shared activities, and the importance of being proactive in these relationships. tune in to uncover the art of friendship in your 20s and adulthood, focusing on mutual growth, understanding, and the joy of companionship.

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About the Up & About Podcast: Your weekly dose of insight into mindset, wellness, and self-love, crafted especially for you, the driven woman in her 20s. Let’s journey together through the landscapes of personal growth and embrace the vibrant dance of self-discovery, every single week.


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