Investing in Sustainable Brands

Suppose you need to choose between consumerism fashion and sustainable fashion; what will be your choice? Let me explain what I mean.

This blog post is sponsored by Wynwood Tribea Sustainable and Conscious fashion Marketplace where you find brands from all around the world. All words and opinions are my own.

Consumerism fashion seeks to promote rapid consumer consumption of goods and services. Proponents of consumerism believe that it will increase the economic growth of the country it’s practiced.

But in reality, the only people benefitting are the producers, product advertisers, and marketers. They produce, advertise, and sell trendy fashion wares, which consumers have to continually replace to stay current. Consumers are not even allowed to enjoy fashion pieces before they get another set.

The result is people having to work long hours to accommodate their consumption lifestyle. Some have even incurred debt. Let’s not discuss the adverse effects it has on the environment, from getting untreated dyes into local water resources to water-intensive cotton growth.

On the other hand, sustainable fashion seeks to ensure consumers are satisfied for a long time with each purchase they make and that the earth does not have to suffer. How is this so? Keep reading to find out:

Why you should invest in sustainable pieces

Sustainable fashion ensures clothes are made from eco-friendly materials like organic cotton, hemp, and Pima cotton. They are not in any way toxic to people or the environment.

The materials do not contain carcinogens or other harmful chemicals. It also uses less water and natural energy. More reasons why sustainable pieces are the best investment includes:

Fairer and safer working conditions

Sustainable fashion improves working conditions allowing fair wages, access to health care, and a safe working environment. Eco ethical brands are concerned with making clothes for people and the situation they were made in too. They value the labor of the people involved in making these clothes as well the environment and animals.

Does not support the exploitation of women and child labor

The exploitation of women and child labor increased alongside consumerism. Children also have to work for their families to cope with the effect of consumerism. They work to ensure brands meet the fashion demand of their consumers, and this is unacceptable.

Ethical brands have taken a step to erase this anomaly. They ensure that no exploited labor takes place in their companies.

To know brands like this, check clothes that carry certification labels like Ethical Trading Initiative, Fair Trade Certified, Certified B Corporation, and so on. These organizations certify companies that do not engage in child labor practices.


Sustainable clothes have higher quality than fast fashion clothes. The eco-friendly materials are more substantial and will last for years. You don’t have to keep buying clothes. They are also soft and makes the skin comfortable.

Wynwood Tribe: A sustainable fashion marketplace

This fashion marketplace created a platform for all ethical clothing brands from all walks of life to trade.

Each brand has its own story behind it, be it handmade, fair trade, recycled, supported charities, women’s empowerment, eco-friendly, and many others. Our goal is to make you look good, but at the same time, you are supporting the economic growth of small communities, charities, and the environment.

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Here are some items displayed on their website:

The Iris – Romper Jumpsuit V Shape Back 100% Peruvian Pima Cotton

This well-fitted jumpsuit is made with 100% organic cotton, coconut buttons, and no chemicals. You can get more details about it on the website.

The Chara Romper Bone

This outfit is also 100% organic cotton. It’s fitting and keeps your skin comfortable. You can check the site for more details.

Lawless Apparel

Lawless Apparel is a clothing brand that dares to be unique in the way they make their clothes.

According to them, “Since most clothing brands only offer an image and no meaning, we decided to go further and create designs with a story that represents who we are.”

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Some of their fashion pieces can also be found on Wynwood Tribe marketplace, such as:

Life Grenade Men’s T-Shirt

It is made of organic Pima cotton, handmade, prewashed, and cruelty-free. Find out more from the Wynwood Tribe marketplace.

Adaptation Men’s T-Shirt

Also handmade using pima cotton. Get more details about it in the Wynwood Tribe marketplace.

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